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Do you need help to package and pitch your idea on the international market-place? Perhaps help to shape and develop it to better be understood and sold?


Or are you looking for a clear international strategy, partners, funding or perhaps even for the best company to acquire or be acquired by?



Some of the projects we are currently working on can be found here.


More will be added soon.



TV development, production and sales are more than anything, a team effort. 


In Missing Link we only want to work with great projects, great companies and great people. Life is to short for anything else.


Here you will find some of the friends of Missing Link.

Missing link, jan salling


"The TV industry is expanding at warp speed and I often meet confused producers who are having a hard time navigating a global market where business-models and keyplayers change by the month.


I want my company to be the ‘missing link’ between their IP and international revenues and recognition."

Jan Salling, Missing Link Media



Beat Your Teenager

Missing LInk Media now represents the worlwide format-rights of ”BEAT YOUR TEENAGER”


A brand new factual entertainment format from TVSyd in Denmark - a channel within the TV2

group - where teenage family conflicts meets e-sport in a new, entertaining and touching way!


The parents have tried it all. They have used threats, bribes and temptations to get their teenagers

out of their rooms to spend some quality-time with their families. But nothing has worked.

Conflicts have only increased in size and frequency.

But what if the parents entered the teenage-rooms and embraced the gaming-universe?

What if they, in only 3 months could learn to play so well, that they would be able to beat their

own teenagers – in Counter Strike?


Would that solve the family conflicts?

May 27, 2017

Distributor friends - don´t miss this ! "Undress for good" - the fresh, engaging and entertaining take on a charity show with a twist is back again. On TV2 Denmark soon and all over the country already now. Do you want to know more or distribute it regionally or globally?

May 27, 2017

Finally a format and a series, which will both entertain, inspire and make a real and positive difference in many young peoples lives. 
I am glad and proud to be part of the movement of The Fashion Hero and I am looking for the best distributors for both format and readymades! In talks with many great ones already, but feel free to mail me if you want to get into the loop!

December 31, 2016

End of year thoughts on television in a post-truth World

‘Post-truth’ as a term has moved from being relatively new to becoming widely understood by many in the course of the past twelve months, and has become lodged in the international consciousness: so much so that the Oxford English dictionary has chosen the term as it’s ‘word of the year’.

So what might the implications of the ‘post truth’ be for factual TV producers around the world?

Well I see a trend that counters ‘post-truth’ and suggests that 2017 could actually see a flight to reality – a thirst for programming of greater substance, vision and authenticity.

December 12, 2016

Missing Link on board The Fashion Hero

When I launched Missing Link Media I promised myself to only work with great projects and great people. This is a great project with a mission to change the fashion industry for the better and to make a positive difference for millions of young people. I am impressed with the passion and dedication Caroline Bernier and her entire team have put into The Fashion Heroand I look forward to help give it the international exposure and rollout it deserves.

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