TV development, production and sales are more than anything a team effort.
In Missing Link we only want to work with great projects, great companies and great people.
Life is to short for anything else. Here you will find some of the friends of Missing Link.

'We’ve worked as a supplier of public relations services to Jan in various roles over a 15 year period and as a client, he is fair, honest and a delight to deal with on a daily basis. And yes, I did say ‘as a client’, remarkable I know. Jan is simply a good man

and team player with an excellent commercial mind.'


Cheryl Clarke, Mushroom Media

'Even though we've yet to do real business together, we enjoy the same kinds of people. And if the best business is done with people we like, then Jan will be very, VERY successful with Missing Link.


He is a role model for many and one of those infuriating people that you NEVER hear anything other than lovely things about. In fact I'm off to be sick into a bin.'


Paul Heaney, CEO - TCB Media Rights