Some of the projects we are currently working on can be found here, others are not quite ready it.
Beat Your Teenager

Will gaming save these families?  

5 parents to teenagers are frustrated and very worried about how much time their children spend in front of their screens, just gaming. Endless fights and conflicts over this, is sincerly harming family-life.
What would happen if the parents embraced the gaming-universe and learned how to play Counter Strike in just 3 months? With the clear goal -  to beat their own teenagers - in Counterstrike! Will this solve the endless family conflicts? 
The Great Knit Off, missing link
The Great Knit Off

A search for the nation's best amateur knitter


Besides showing amazing craftsmanship and creativity, this format is more about story-telling than anything else. Strong characters will share their personal stories and feelings in a fun and intense knitting frame-work.


Just as baking and other crafts in many other formats are just an excuse to see fascinating personalities, listen to their stories and be amazed with their skills –

knitting is exactly the same. Do just that in “The Great Knit Off”.

Be amazed on how addictive knitting can be.


Produced by : TVSyd

Broadcast on: TVSyd, TV2 Denmark and TV2 Fri