"Am I the missing link you need?"
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From attending the MIP´s and many other TV-festivals, every year since 1993, I have seen thousands of good ideas badly presented.


I have over these years learnt how an idea should be packaged and pitched to be instantly understood and by this get the best possible chances of also being sold.   


I will be glad to help you package and pitch your ideas!

Jan salling, missing link


Some ideas are great local ideas, but they might not have the best int´l  format potential.


Sometimes you just need to shape and present it in a different way to achieve this.


Other times your idea needs a distinctive mechanism or a fresh twist. I will be glad to help you find out!

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Does your company need a clear

international strategy?


Are you looking for creative- and/or



Do you want to acquire a company or be acquired?


I offer confidential executive consultancy!